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A Party to Die For

This event actually included 2 setups. When I first saw this house, it instantly reminded me of New Orleans Square in Disneyland. It's beautiful and I knew decorating it would be so much fun!

Decorating Part One

Why do I always think I can do anything I want easily? My ideas sound so simple and then when put into action always humble me. Every. Single. Time. I wanted to bring in oversized neutral pumpkins and straw bales. In the end, I accomplished that, but not without a lot of onlookers questions, countless pumpkin hauls and a lot of straw everywhere. I mean everyyyyywhere.

I completed the look with some little owls and a skeleton that I painted in matte black.

Decorating Part Two

With the porch complete, the party had a welcoming background. For the actual party, I hung witches hats across the entire porch, set a lovely dining table, decorated a food display table, created a spooky bar cart, and prepared a large pumpkin carving table with the latest and greatest tools.

Hope you enjoy!


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